France Travel Guide For First-Time Visitors

France is a country of immense cultural, historical and natural riches, which boasts some of the finest monuments, stunning scenery and artistic masterpieces in the world. With its ragged coastline and sun-drenched beaches,… Continue reading

Visiting The Opera and Ballet House in Sofia, Bulgaria

The Bulgarian Opera and Ballet House in Sofia has an impressive calendar with regular performances (about 4 days a week). They also have a wide variety of opera, ballet, and concerts as well as spectacles for children, so there’s a good chance that you will find something just for you and even bring your family or friends along.

Travelling to Torun, Poland

The home of Nicholas Copernicus, Torun is also famous for its Medieval architecture and the delicious gingerbread cookies. It might not be one of the most popular Polish cities, but it is an… Continue reading

Monkey House – hip coffee shop in Plovdiv, Bulgaria

  We are introducing you to one of our favorite spots in our beloved Plovdiv. Monkey House is the perfect place to have a lazy Sunday coffee while enjoying the unique bohemian atmosphere… Continue reading

Travel Newbies: First Flight

The first flight is always a bit strange so we’ve decided to gather some useful information for all of you travel newbies because we know you have a lot of questions about the… Continue reading

Vegetarian and Vegan Restaurants in Sofia, Bulgaria

If you are wondering where to eat vegetarian in Sofia we’ve got you covered with some great vegetarian and vegan restaurants. We’re not gonna lie, it is pretty hard to be a vegetarian… Continue reading

The Little Things- a Cozy Restaurant in Sofia, Bulgaria

One of the best kept secrets in Sofia – ‘The Little Things’ is nestled in a courtyard in the heart of the city opposite the church of St. Sedmochislenitsi. The restaurant inhabits a house that’s… Continue reading