Why We Love Free Tours

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The free tours became the very initial part of every trip of mine. There are a lot of perks. The biggest is that you will feel a lot more oriented in a city you’ve never been after joining a free tour. Also, you see places that you like and that you will come back to whether there are historic ones, museums or bars. You meet a lot of new people from all around the world. Should I say more?

Well, if you still have doubts I’ll continue. I understand that if you haven’t been to a free tour before you might think that this is pointless and that I’m just spreading the word because somebody pays me to do so. Believe me, this isn’t the case at all. First of all the free tours are entirely volunteer organisations. There goes my money.

They aren’t much different from the regular tourist tours except they are better. First of all, they are free! Speaking from our experience the guides are always young passionate people with a sense of humor and very laid back. They do this on their spare time which doesn’t mean they aren’t professionals at all. They are very well read, helpful, funny, they narrate so fascinating and interesting of the certain city and maybe that’s exactly because they interpret the history through their own eyes instead of reciting it like a bunch of school girls. Or probably they are just really good story tellers. Either way, you won’t be disappointed. Also the free tours don’t take up your whole day. They are between 2-3 hours long and there are 2 or more groups you can join each day. The meeting place is always the same, usually in the central area of the city. Plus the fellow tourists are very talkative and you can easily chat with them, grab a bite after or even make new friends.

The guides as young locals themselves would point out to you the hip places there are to visit. You just have to ask. Oh, and don’t be surprised when at the end of the tour the guide politely asks you for donations for their organisation. You are free to give them money or not, it’s up to you. But usually everybody gives a symbolic amount. Except for that one guy in Bucharest who left right before the end of the tour. I won’t judge.

If you are finally convinced to take up free touring you should know that at the reception of most hostels there is information about the upcoming free tours. And naturally, there is always the Internet. Here are some of our favourite sites which you can check out:

United Europe Free Tours

New Europe Tours

List of free walking tours around the world

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