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Devoted to always hunt cool hostels around the world, we decided to try one of the many awesome hostels in Belgrade.

locationWe got the perfect location in Belgrade! It is in the heart of the city, next to the Kalemegdan park and only one very short street apart from the main pedestrian street. Actually, since Belgrade is not that big, we were close to pretty much everything. Best thing? We had lots of amazing bars, restaurants and coffee shops near us. Don’t know what else you can ask from a hostel location. Except to have a bar in it where you could meet other fellow tourists. That would be true paradise. If you, by any chance, are travelling by car, keep in mind you have to find a parking and pay for it. And of course, the nearest parking wasn’t very cheap. The price is about €10 per day. On the last day we found out that there is a mall across the river where apparently you can park your car for free, at least they told us it was like that. If you want to try this option while in Belgrade it’s better to ask around first.

Note: Better visit during the spring or summer. Or at least in the end of the week when the nightlife is way more vibrant. You could cool off drinking cocktails in one of the many bars located in the riverside or even lay tanning on one of the beaches if you can’t stand the heat anymore.
roomsOur room was spacious and because it was out of season, there were no other people to share it with. So we got private room originally for 8 people on the price of a bed in a dormitory room. The beds were comfortable and most of them had a night lamp and a socket. Of course, there were lockers and two shelves.

int-facilitiesThe hostel was actually a reconstructed apartment in an old building.  We fell in love with the elevator! Imagine an old hotel building and then the elevator in it. Isn’t it nice? There were 4 bedrooms in total, one of them a double private room with amazing view and interior, clearly the best room at the hostel, too bad it was already reserved. There were 2 bathrooms, kitchen with a dining room and a hallway/lounge area with a computer for everybody to use. The interior was very well done and creative with beautifully painted walls and pastel tones in the kitchen. Lots of interesting books, funny paintings and signs, random objects hanging on the wall like a bicycle, bench hanging from the ceiling, traditional Serbian food on display in the kitchen that you could buy.

The following facilities are available: Wi-Fi, computer, information about tours, pub crawls, museums, basically whatever you are interested in, fully equipped kitchen with kitchen stove, microwave, refrigerator, hairdryer, washing machine, few board games like chess and Twister, well this one isn’t really a board game.

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staffThe staff was… well not very present, but easily accessible by e-mail or phone. When we arrived, one of the girls that own the place welcomed us and showed us our room. She was very helpful and friendly, pointed out thousands of cool places on the map. After 3 days that map looked like it aged with centuries. We made a good use of it, so we are very grateful to Bojana for mapping everything for us. She gave us keys to the apartment and to the room and we didn’t bump into her again. Because in winter there aren’t many tourists in Belgrade there were only 3 other guests at the hostel that we saw only one time. So it was like renting a whole apartment.

The prices vary depending on the period you want to stay in the hostel and the type of room. The variation is only €1 for the dormitory rooms though. For the private room it’s either €35 or €30. Note that this price is for the whole room not for one person only. The price per person in the other rooms is from €10 to €14.
If you want to book or check out the the webpage of the hostel you can do it here.

 yolostel belgrade hostel review
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