The colourful & fun Dublin

Dublin-facadesWhen you find yourself in the most popular district Temple bar you are surrounded by all these bright-colored doors and beautiful facades, loads of flowers, paved narrow streets with street musicians playing and singing, fine vintage shops and as you already figured out bars. The bars, of course, are everywhere. There are many opportunities here. You can go to a traditional Irish pub with live music at night, which it’s a must if you want to really immerse in the Irish culture. There are more European type of bars, some of them were a bit too hipster for my taste so if you’re like me, you’ll probably want to miss these. There is even a Czech bar. And as might you expected there is the Temple bar where you can go and have a very delicious meal downstairs and have a blast dancing upstairs in the club and even straighten you hair in the girl’s bathroom for 2 euros. If you’re in the mood and preferably in possession of gel sanitizer. temple-bar-redgallery-dublinAnyway, for clubbing the best bars for me were the Grand Social bar which is right across the Ha’penny bridge.  If you are with a rather large party wanting to have a few or several cocktails Dicey Reilly’s Bar or  Diceys Garden Bar is the place for you. Every Monday the beer and the cocktails are only €2 each. Which, believe me, is the lowest price you’ll get in a bar in Dublin. It’s a bit crazy over there, especially on Mondays, with lots of drunken young adults so be prepared for a very crowded atmosphere. The playlist is all these popular hits you hear everywhere so don’t expect nothing more here regarding the music. If you’re in demand for more of a quiet and calm atmosphere you can go to some of the many pubs in Dublin and have a taste of the really delicious Irish beers. Among my favourites is O’Hara’s Leann Folláin which has tones of dark chocolate, vanilla and mocha. McGrath’s Irish Red Ale also is a very good one, Guinness, of course and there are many more. I probably sound like a beer lover, trust me until I went to Dublin this wasn’t the case at all. In Bulgaria we have some tasty beers also but the thing is that they all have similar taste, well at least to me. On the opposite in Dublin there are lots of various beer tastes. The combinations are really surprising but you can’t go wrong with your choice ordering a beer. So don’t be too conservative, you are at a vacation and you have to relax and try as much as you can! Be sure to taste the craft beers! You can do that in every pub but in the Beerhouse and the Porterhouse there are definitely much more options for you to choose from. The Generator Hostel’s bar is also a very nice place to have a few drinks, play pool and hang out. DSC02003-1temple-bar-1  the-norseman-dublin old-storehouse-pub-dublindublin-pub badbobs-dublin brick-alley-cafe-dublinIf you are a coffee or tea lover there are a number of options for you in the Temple Bar district or across the river.  My favorite one was Peacock Green which was just across the street from my hostel – Kinlay House Dublin. Unfortunately (and I really regret this now) I didn’t take any pictures of it but if you have a chance definitely stop by for a coffee, tea, a delicious bite of chicken sandwich or а fruit tart.

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Is it? Find out while in Dublin.

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Beautiful details in Dublin.


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