Smokvica, Belgrade, Serbia

SMOKVICA smokvica-belgrade-1
A day always starts well with a cup of delicious coffee and a croissant in a relaxed atmosphere. Thanks to our hostel owner for the recommendation and the guidance, we started our second day in Belgrade in ‘Smokvica’. Still a bit sleepy, we passed a cute garden covered in snow (that we can imagine is great for laid back summer evenings) and entered an old renovated house. We fell in love with the interior that very second and felt at home from the first moment. ‘Smokvica’ is a restaurant, a bar, a coffee shop, a place to read your newspaper over a cup of coffee, to have a quick lunch or to enjoy a different type of breakfast every morning of the week.
The restaurants under the brand’s name are spread across the city in the most popular places like Vracar  and Dorcol neighborhoods, the Airport City.

Since we went for breakfast we were pleasantly surprised that they had a list with a great selection of international breakfasts such as Scandinavian and Mexican or traditional Serbian one. The menu is diverse and can satisfy every taste. Needless to say, the foodies that we are, we were very happy with the attention to the detail and the presentation of the food, not to mention the taste.

The interior is a mix of modern and rustic that creates a very cozy feeling and makes this restaurant chain a very charming and hip place. If you are looking for a place to stay, they also have a Bed and Breakfast, so you can rent a room with the same impeccable style and design atmosphere in the center of the city.

Don’t forget the dessert and head to the Moritz Eis ice-cream parlour for a delicious frozen treat.


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