Travel Essentials For Your Skin

This is a beauty post dedicated to all the girls reading. Here are a few things you have to take with you if you love your skin!
Pack light in small travel bottles and containers to save space in your luggage.
Note: While reading or packing keep in mind your skin type and needs. Although, everything listed below is general advice and basic products, that work for most, you should also include special products that match your specific skin needs.

Water, water and more water! We all know we have to drink at least 1,5l a day and yet most of us keep forgetting. Good thing is to buy a water bottle that you can refill and carry with you while travelling. It doesn’t have to be a sport bottle, there are many options, including with a built-in purifying system. Or you can add slices of your favourite fruit to get a citrus flavored water for example. No matter if you are going to hike or just casually walk around a new city sightseeing and exploring – a bottle of water should be your best friend. Especially in the heat in the summer you need more than ever to keep yourself hydrated. Fresh fruit and vegetable juices and water not only keep you refreshed through a busy day but also flush out the toxins from the body and has a great effect on your skin preventing it from looking dull, dry and tired. I’ve put ‘drinking more water’ in my New Year’s resolution list in order to challenge myself. You can also use an app on your phone that keeps track of your daily water intake and set a notification, so that you don’t forget to drink more.
Also, a bottle of water left by the bed could be your (and your skin’s) life savior, you party animal!

Daily hydrating face cream
Well, this goes (almost) without saying. A good daily cream according to your skin type should always be with you while traveling. No matter the space or weight of your luggage – this should be a must have.
micellar-water-bioderma-travel-essentials-skin   bb-cream-garnier-travel-essentials-skin
Gentle Make-up remover
First of all, I would advice you to reduce your make-up routine to a minimum while travelling, especially when travelling long term. You will soon realize that you don’t actually need it that much and you will feel more natural and free without it, not to mention the space you will safe in your luggage. It really is a pain in the ass to remove your make up after a long night partying and sometimes you probably won’t be even able to do it. But the next morning effect is even worse to deal with, not to mention it is really bad for the skin. So the perfect solution for me is the micellar water, because it is not oily or scented, it’s alcohol-free, doesn’t irritate my eyes and most importantly cleans everything super easy. It is created especially for people with sensitive skin and sooths redness or rough skin. Many budget brands like Garnier and Nivea now have this product in their range, so it is easy to be found in the supermarkets.
BB cream
Bb creams are great for girls that travel or are always running around, because it saves a lot of time on make-up (oh and money!). Basically you have a primer, sunscreen, moisturizer and foundation all in one. BB creams don’t feel heavy on your skin, doesn’t clog the pores and leave your skin with a healthy glow and even tone. Geez, I do sound like a cliché advertisement, but if you don’t mind the light coverage, this is probably the best option for a natural look.

Emergency face capsules

I noticed there are quite a few face capsules and decided to try them because they are very compact. Turned out they can be a miracle or your emergency skin savior. For me it is inevitable to not get dry skin while traveling due to the weather conditions. So once in a while when I feel like my skin is too rough or irritated I use one of the super hydrating face capsules that I bought. The next morning my face skin feels so much softer. There are also vitamin boost capsules or some that sooth redness and irritations.

Facial Wash Gel
Washing your face sounds easy, right? What can I do wrong? But washing with soap or only water can cause dryness and irritation. So make some space for your daily face cleanser that matches your skin type and  is mild and pH-balanced. Spending the whole day outside, you skin needs to be thoroughly cleaned from the dirt that is built up.

Tonic or face mist
You know that feeling when you splash your face with cold water in the summer? Totally refreshed and relieved! I can imagine this is how my skin feels when I sprinkle my chamomile organic water or a face mist after an exhausting day.
During my last travels I kept a bottle with me and used it to revitalize my skin and myself for that matter every time I felt tired. It is great for soothing sensitive and dry skin. Last Christmas Teddy gifted the girls a handmade face mist enriched with cucumber, lime and vitamin E in a compact small bottle ready to be packed for traveling. And you can do it, too, by following the super easy recipe below.

You will need:
a small spray bottle
– 1/2 cucumber
– peels of 2 limes
– 2 vitamin e caps

1. Add cucumber & lime peels to a bowl, fill with boiling water & let sit overnight
2. Strain, add vitamin e liquid
3. Funnel into spray bottle
4. Shake & enjoy!

DIY recipe thanks to, where you can also see a DIY video.

Special needs:
Sunscreen for the summer
Anti-acne tonic or cream
Medical soothing cream if your skin has a predisposition to redness or irritation

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