The 7 Deadly Sins of Travelling


The 7 deadly sins of travelling
…that can kill your trip

No matter where you go – from touring around Europe to exploring the nearest winter resort in your own country, and what kind of trip you take – from solo adventure to a summer retreat, here are the 7 killers of your vacation, you should avoid.

Things not always go according to plan, but don’t get mad so quickly. Your flight got delayed? Cancelled? Screaming at the receptionist or the airport employees will not solve the problem and only make you look like a jerk. When one door closes, another opens. You never know – there might be a better outcome of the situation that will work for you. Accepting things as they are and the fact that life sometimes is a bitch, will make you much more calm, happy and reasonable. Ok, we have to admit, we are still trying to master this.

Comparison is the killer of joy in life. There will be always someone who is travelling more, staying in better hotels, having more adventures, bigger company, is more social…the list goes on and on. Focus on being grateful for the opportunities you have and you will feel much better and content with your trip or your life.

One of the best and most common lessons travelling teaches you is to learn to ask for help when you need it. In 99% of the time you will find the sweetest people that will be ready to help you, show you the way, carry your bags, drive you to your destination or even let you in their own homes. All you have to do is ask! Truth is vulnerability makes people look more real, more human, so just don’t waste a few hours getting lost and trying to find your way back. When you can’t rely on your GPS, rely on the locals!

We are foodies! With that being said, I don’t know if we ourselves can follow this advice. Tzatziki and gyros in Greece? Schnitzel and apple strudel in Austria? And don’t even start me on the Italian food as we can eat gelato, pizza and pasta all day. As much as local authentic food is a whole new experience while travelling, be careful with overindulging. The phrase “I’m on vacation, it is only now”, can be very dangerous for the health and your diet. Same goes for drinking. Try different things instead of eating the same dish you liked for days. Above all, the biggest advice would be to try local food (in moderation) instead of going to an Italian or French restaurant when on your vacation. And don’t, just don’t go for McDonalds or KFC, please!

It’s true that it is called a vacation, but don’t be lazy! No matter where you are vacationing there are so many things to see, try and explore. Yes, a week away from work is literally begging you to sleep on the beach all day and while an island, clear water and a cocktail in hand sounds more than tempting, plan your time so you can balance your trip with other activities. It is rewarding to learn about the history and culture of the place and to meet some cool, friendly locals. Oh, and that high hill or 300+ stairs will be worth climbing once the view of the whole city from above is revealed in front of your.

We all want to see and do as much as we can. But don’t be greedy and don’t schedule way too many places for your short trip. Racing through different cities, spending only a day at each will only result in you spending most of your time on trains and buses. It is the same with putting too many activities and sightseeing on your list. Running through the city so you can check every single place off your to-do list won’t do you any good. Always try to balance sightseeing, relaxing and having good time in the evening. Trying the traditional cuisine and meeting the locals can teach you a lot more about the place than visiting all the churches.
And something we always forget – don’t be greedy when buying many souvenirs, chocolates, postcards etc. You will have to carry that suitcase yourself on your way back!

Going on a short vacation, doing a round the world trip or volunteering abroad is the perfect way to meet people. There’s a good chance you might meet an exotic stranger that will catch your eye. Just trust your instincts and don’t act impulsively especially if you are a girl and travelling solo. Know your limits and be careful where you will wake up the next morning.

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