How to Find The Best Local Food?

When it comes to food and travelling – we are foodies! Food enthusiasts or whatever you would like to call it. To give you an example – our ‘to do’ list for every new city usually consist of 3 times more places we can eat at than other attractions and historic sights. We truly believe that local food can help you feel at home, learn about the traditions and cultural differences and feel the overall spirit of the city or the country. There’s nothing worse than eating McDonalds or KFC while travelling and exploring a new place. Here’s our very short guide on how to find the best places to eat. Feel free to tell us your own ways of research and ideas on the topic!
The secret to enjoy the best local food and find the most amazing, traditional and authentic dishes and restaurants are: do your research before you go and ask the locals after you arrive. There are tons of sites with a great selection of places, but not to get overwhelmed with all of them, you can start at and for traditional restaurants and bars where you can try the local alcohol in a nice atmosphere. Read reviews of people who have actually visited the places. Travel forums and reviews on Tripadvisor can also be a good start. Mobile apps can be a last minute savior when you’re on the go. Triposo app can be used offline and is a great tool for finding restaurants and bars with recommendations and reviews. But even with good preparation, there’s nothing better than asking the locals. Tour guide, hostel staff, hotel receptionist or just a random person on the street – they will know best. And they will do know secret hidden gems that are not in the guide books. Don’t be shy to ask, most people will try their best to help you and someone can even show you around. Truth is, the most popular places on the internet, might be too expensive, overcrowded and without a personal touch. Don’t overlook the street food and markets, where you can get fresh, local dishes or herbs. They are usually very colorful and quite cheap. And if you don’t mind feeling like a tourist – try the food tours. Did you know that in Sofia, Bulgaria we have a free food tour? Do your research and you might find something equally fascinating and right on budget.

You can check some of our favourite food places and tips here.foodielocal-foodOff the beaten path restaurant called “Original Budvarka” in Prague.