33 Gastronauts, Sofia, Bulgaria

33-gastronauts-sofiaUrban Dictionary says that “gastronaut” is a person who is willing to go to great lengths to find exotic, and often, bizarre, foods to eat; a person with unusual or eccentric tastes. Thankfully, we don’t have to go to great lengths to find amazing gourmet food, because in the center of Sofia there is a cozy restaurant with a refined menu that can perfectly satisfy our not so eccentric tastes. If you are someone with a keen appreciation for food and you are looking for new culinary adventures, check all of the photos in the post and you will know that you are on the right place.
33 Gastronauts is situated in one of our favourite neighborhoods Oborishte where you can not only find some unique places to have dinner at, but also feel the spirit of Sofia, without the traffic or many people. The menu starts with an excerpt from “Gastronauts” play: “Brave diners and passengers, you who have agreed to come on a journey of the senses, and taste tomorrow, don’t be afraid, nothing here will harm you in the normal sense of the word. The future is flavoursome. Trust us.” On the menu you can find original salads and appetizers, delicious pasta, soup of the day, burgers, main dishes and desserts that melt in the mouth. If you’re wondering what are the burgers doing on the menu – well, let us quote a friend with the saying “This is not just a fast food burger, this is a gourmet burger!” Feeling curious or adventurous? Try the burger with avocado, apple and cottage cheese or the one with pineapple and spinach.
If, by any chance, you’re thinking that this sounds way too pretentious – not at all! The delicious food is served in a very cozy atmosphere that might as well remind you of your own home – old house with garden, sofas, brick walls and an open bar. In the summer you can enjoy a romantic date or a chill meeting with friends in the beautiful garden with a glass roof and a lot of greenery.


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