One Design Week 2015

As you know, or as you can see from our info and instagram, we are fashion design students and very interested in art and design. That’s why we are always very excited for the One Design Week – a festival held at the end of June. The last two years it took place in Plovdiv – the oldest city in Bulgaria and one of the oldest in the world! Plovdiv is a beautiful city and we are always recommending it to our foreign friends as the best city to visit in Bulgaria if they want to see more than just the capital Sofia. Its artistic atmosphere is a great addition to the festival. One Design Week aims to support local designers and young design professionals, creating a platform to showcase their work. The organization invites professionals in the field of design and visual arts from all over the world to Plovdiv to exchange experience and innovative ideas and to stimulate networking and future collaborations.
How about 10 days full of workshops, exhibitions, discussions, performances, special events and parties? Sounds great! It gets even better! Almost everything is free and there are a lot of interactive events and workshops that are open for participants so you can learn new skills, be part of the end result or create something new. There are about 20 spots scattered around the city with different exhibitions. You have all the information about them and a map in a special booklet designed for the festival as a way to schedule and keep track of where you’re going. At each point you collect a stamp as a proof that you have visited the place. Almost like a treasure hunt! At the end of the festival there is a one day forum with lecturers from all over the world introducing their work, projects, ideas and overall giving a really genuine motivational and inspirational speeches.
This year’s theme was Post-digital paying a special attention to the relationship between humans and machines and the impact of the digital world over the human contact and way of living.

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