2015 Recap: Travelling, Blogging and Personal Highlights

Ten days into the new year, here’s the obligatory New Year post where we are looking back at what made 2015 a very good year! We are also looking forward to what 2016 will surprise us with, what challenges it will throw at us! We are ready! Ready for an exciting new year of possibilities, full of new places, travel adventures and tons more EO stories!

For the past 12 months:
We traveled, explored places, took photos, laughed and danced, ate some amazing ice cream all around Europe, hunted some cool hostels and places, almost missed a few flights and trains, spent countless hours in buses, trains and cars, went to the wrong border, took a few wrong turns, made some new friends, tried some local dishes, got drunk by traditional alcohol in a few countries, studied, but learned more from people, almost graduated, got inspired, designed, created, got lost and somewhere in between all this grew personally and professionally.

So what were the (travel) highlights of 2015:


3 freezing but awesome days in Belgrade drinking and eating most of the time.

2 amazing weeks in Tara Mountain in Serbia building wooden outdoor furniture from scratch and partying at night.

And last but not least visiting our close friend in London baby!

Also visited: Attended a Turkish wedding of one of my favorite persons in the world in Bursa, Turkey. Yes, with all the traditions like the hammam (turkish bath) and Henna night. It’s a unique must-see experience.


Poland – In the fall after a very dynamic and busy summer, I ventured into the next adventure – an Erasmus semester abroad. I landed in Poznan, Poland – in a country I knew nothing about with a language that most of the time sounded like a gibberish with some similar Slavic roots. To say that it was a challenge at first would have been an understatement. My slight social anxiety wasn’t helping either. But soon it turned out to be an amazing adventure, one that I still enjoy and honestly don’t want to end.
London – My second time visiting London was very very different from the first one a couple of years before. It was sunny and nice rather than snowy and cold which was definitely an upgrade. After I’ve traveled a bit, I was feeling more confident and relaxed with the city and the language this time. While in my previous visit we’ve covered the main attractions, this time I spend my time in different neighborhoods, tried the hipster cafes in Shoreditch, ate a lot of asian food, but most importantly caught up with some friends (which was the main reason for visiting) and had an amazing time with them.
Berlin – The long-awaited, but rather short trip to the German capital was very interesting and let’s say intense, because we were running around  for 3 full days with almost no sleep. Balancing between sightseeing, hipster neighborhoods, friends reunions, electronic music, lots of club mates and some stolen personal belongings which lead to visiting the German police as well.

Cities visited: Belgrade, Skopje, Torun, Warsaw, Wroclaw, London, Berlin.

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