Le Petit Salon Boutique, Sozopol, Bulgaria


Wandering the narrow cobbled streets of the old town of Sozopol, you can find some amazing hidden gems! Small local bistro, Ethno shop with traditional Bulgarian costumes or an art salon. Sozopol is located in the south part of the Bulgarian Black Sea coast and is getting more and more popular in the last years to the point where its streets are now overcrowded with both local and foreign visitors. Travelers are fascinated by its authentic charm and old wooden houses. During the day when most people are lazily lying on the beach, you can have the perfect stroll throughout the old town. Don’t research and plan, just let these cute small streets take you on an adventure and you will find your own hidden treasure. Here’s a place that you should definitely visit (just in case you don’t find it by yourself)!

I first found Le Petit Salon a few years ago in Sofia. Back then it was located on the first floor of a lovely house and only a small sign was inviting the curious visitors to enter the house and find what’s inside. Is it a gallery? Is it a shop? It is both and much more! Le Petit Salon offers a refined selection of design objects from Bulgarian designers that can bring a certain feeling of coziness and joy into your home or a unique side to your personal style. Turns out that the people in Sofia were not curious enough to see what’s inside the Le Petit Salon’s house and for a few years now the small boutique can only be found in Sozopol.





It felt like a reunion walking inside the salon. As a family owned business, we were welcomed warmly by one of the owners and had a brief chat. We didn’t find it by accident, though we would have noticed it from afar! Once we knew we are going to Sozopol, this was our first stop. In front of the shop, you can sit at one of the tables and get a refreshing homemade lemonade under the warm summer light that spills around the corner. Almost like the time has stopped and you can truly recharge in the art atmosphere complemented by the fresh scent of the sea that is down the road.

Let me tell you about the objects that you can find here! A while ago this place was my favorite spot when presents for birthdays and special occasions needed to be bought. A wide selection from independent Bulgarian artists and brands that gives you the opportunity to always find something unexpected! Each of their artisan dolls has a special story and name and can bring you back to childhood but with a bit of a darker feeling. Some of them look sad and lonely while others are with thoughtful expressive faces so you inevitably wonder what’s their story.

Minimalistic bags and backpacks made of real leather, industrial or romantic jewelry, delicate ceramics in pastel colors and greeting cards with conceptual illustrations are only a few things that I would like to highlight. The walls are decorated with framed prints and paintings while the entrance of the shops is guarded by a selection of clothing pieces and a very photogenic cactus!

If your journey leads you to Sozopol, don’t forget to take a look at Le Petit Salon. Get a sense of the Bulgarian design or choose greeting cards for your friends as a souvenir from the Bulgarian seaside.


Going through the archives, I have found some photos of the dolls that I took a couple of years ago when Le Petit Salon was located in Sofia.










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