Simbio – all in one hip place in Bucharest


Albeit, I have been to Bucharest before, this time it felt completely different. Don’t you just love that feeling when no matter how many times you’ve been to a certain place it is never the same?

is a hip restaurant located not that far from the old town. I recommend you take a bus to get there rather than walking, especially in the heat of the summer. The name comes from symbiosis which naturally relates to the idea behind it – a place for everybody and for every purpose. The place is quite big and it’s sheltered in an old beautifully renovated house surrounded by lots of greenery which makes it perfect for just about anything – from a nice healthy breakfast and lazy Sunday brunch to  family dinners and weekend cocktails in the bar.


The restaurant inhabits the first floor of the building where it is also the kitchen and the spacious garden in the back. The fact that the kitchen is open and you can actually see your meal being prepared is a great addition to the welcoming easygoing vibe. There is even a bar downstairs where you can enjoy a tasty craft beer or a cocktail and also order food from upstairs. If they offered accommodation as well I would never want to leave this place.

The interior takes you from the very first moment you step inside – shiny copper hangers, minimal lighting solutions, pastel wooden decorative walls, geometrical shapes, light bulbs hanging from the trees outside and many more. The different types of spaces in the house offer something for everybody. If you want an intimate dinner you can take a table in one of the smaller rooms or if you are looking for a big gathering with your friends the cozy outside garden is just the place for that. The staff is really friendly and helpful which of course adds on the nice experience.

The menu isn’t that big, but it’s just the right size for you to not get that confused and choose easily something you would like. Since I’ve recently cut on the meat and dairy products, I was particularly happy to discover that they offer vegan meals as well. The restaurant’s specialty is the burger that they do in 5 different ways. I tried the quinoa burger with green salad on the side and vinaigrette dressing and of course, a local beer to go with all that deliciousness.








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