Super Bowl Salad Bar in Sofia, Bulgaria

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Wondering where to eat healthy in Sofia while being busy sightseeing? Look no further! We are giving you a great option for lunch on the go, suitable for everyone with a dynamic lifestyle.

Just like in many of the other European capitals, there was an explosion of healthy food restaurants in Sofia in the last year. Now we have vegetarian restaurants, bio shops and raw dessert bars that turn Sofia in a modern hip city, at least for foodies like us. The area around “The small 5 corners” (Малките 5 кьошета) gathers a few of these places plus a bonus of some wonderful galleries and second-hand shops. Here you can find today’s selection – Super Kupa (Super Bowl). A salad bar where you make your own salad and have the freedom to mix and match all of the ingredients.

The clean white space invites you to step into a modern eatery organized in a buffet style. Trying to meet the needs of people with an active lifestyle  that don’t want to compromise the fresh food because of their busy schedule. Delivering your daily dose of veggies and raw food for an extra source of energy in the morning or in the lunch break. You might be too lazy to shop, prepare a salad each morning before work and bring it in a plastic container. Super Kupa is a great solution that was missing in Sofia! The popular grab and go option but in a much healthier and personalized way. You can also get the food delivered to your office.



You can choose between three different sizes of your salad bowl depending on how hungry you are! After that, the fun part begins! Mix and match everything you like to create the perfect salad tailored to your personal taste and needs. From fresh vegetables to legumes, olives, eggs and even bulgur or  couscous so you can make your own version of Tabbouleh salad.

Four types of dressings are waiting for you and your salad, including honey mustard, vinaigrette, tomato and yogurt sauce. Be careful if you are lactose intolerant or looking for  vegan options, ask and double check the ingredients. Don’t forget the finishing touches of your salad masterpiece and sprinkle some spices or pumpkin and  sunflower seeds on top.

If the salad is not enough for you, there’s also a soup of the day. The perfect combination! Pumpkin soup, vegetable crème soup or even red lentils Indian style. It is different most of the days, but you probably won’t be disappointed by the options.

The morning begins with a few omelet options or scrambled eggs. Traditional enough to kickstart the day. Grab a sandwich if you are in a hurry.

Fresh juice and coffee are also on the menu as well as the hip Fritz Cola drinks that we miss from our recent trip to Berlin, quite rare to find in Sofia.








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