Urdini Lakes – hiking in Rila Mountains


Chrismas is right around the corner, but we are still working and dreaming of sunny days, spent in the nature. Before you take off to buy some conventional gifts, you may consider giving a more adventurous one this year like a mountain hike! You are probably wondering what am I talking about, there is so much snow up there, but as it turns out there is such a thing as ski-trekking. So if you are a passionate skier maybe it is time to experience something different.

My recent trip took me to Rila Mountains, which are most famous with the highest peak in Bulgaria – Musala /2925,2 m/ and of course, the Seven Rila lakes. There are some other parts that are also a must-visit there and even better in some ways like the Urdini lakes which are not at all over packed with tourists keeping the best spot for taking a picture or slower you down. Today we are going to take you through this unfairly unpopular destination, located in the same beautiful latitudes, where you can immerse yourself in the beauty of the landscape and have it all to yourself!

Текстът на български можете да намерите тук.


The Urdini lakes make the perfect city escape on a nice sunny day /there are still some of these left/ and impress with blissful serenity and spectacular landscapes.
The lakes are nestled in the Western part of the Urdina cirque and are the source of the river of the same name. There are 6 lakes in total and, translated in English, some of their names sure are quite funny: The Dry One, The Fish Lake, The Triangle, The Botanical, The Little and the Big Bowl /for the very hungry ones/.


As you probably have noticed in our posts, we are not exactly hikers, but when the right opportunity present itself, it’s a really nice thing to do once in a while. Just being in the nature and breathing fresh air, rather than the more and more polluted one in the cities is a reason enough to add this to your schedule. That said, it is best to do this kind of hike, if you are inexperienced like me, with a guide. After all, the mountains can be tricky for a newbie and that way you get to experience its beauty without constantly checking your location and worrying that you might get lost. The route itself is not tough and perfect for beginners, but this particular itinerary is not marked like other mountain paths in Bulgaria, so I’d definitely recommend you to get someone to guide you and tell you interesting stories about the places you are seeing. Also, you should probably get ski poles that have proven to make your life a lot easier when climbing.
It all starts with a lift that takes about 30 minutes to get to the famous “Paradise” hut. And then the walking starts.


The exhausting part, and by that I mean the climbing, is only about an hour, but there are picturesque views that easily take your mind off it. Of course, with all the photography breaks, you will barely notice how the time has passed. If you are in luck and the weather is on your side, it will be even more peaceful. You can have a nice coffee break at the Fish lake, you with lots of fish to keep you company, a tasty picnic once you finally reach Malyovitsa Peak /the Bulgarian cradle of rock climbing and mountaineering as they say/, basically take your time and enjoying the nature at its best.



The pink cabin.