2016 Recap: Travelling, Goals and Personal Highlights


Another year has gone by and we are looking back at the adventures we had during 2016. The year was pretty eventful not only in travelling but in personal aspects as well. Take a walk down memory lane with us!

Top blog posts:
How to order and drink coffee in Italy
It seems like the coffee culture in Italy is always interesting even to people who don’t drink coffee.
Exploring Bela Krajina in Slovenia with Big Berry
Not many people know how gorgeous the Slovenian countryside is and we had the chance to see it with our own eyes this summer.
Burgas Salterns
The most pink place in Bulgaria? This natural spa was a surprise not only to us!
A day in Ljubljana
This little gem is one of the underrated European capitals and we can’t wait to go back and explore more of it.
Big Berry lifestyle resort
We feel so honored that we had the chance to visit the newest glamping resort in Slovenia and spend a few days there, meeting great people and enjoying the nature.
Milan: 10 free things to do
The fashion capital is not just glamorous and expensive! You can have perfectly good budget vacation there as well.

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Our favorite posts (in no particular order):
Burgas Salterns
St. Anastasia Island
Bela Krajina
Big Berry
Bucur’s Shelter
Mesto Oblikovanja

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Places visited:
In January and February Sianna was still living in Poland and did a one week adventure with a rather crazy itinerary between Germany, Estonia, Lithuania, Latvia and Sweden.

Meanwhile, Teddy went to a ski trip in Bansko during the Horizon festival. Sadly nothing more to report, after that followed pretty busy months.

In June we got to visit Slovenia as part of a blogger press trip. We spend 5 amazing days exploring this little gem and enjoying the country life in Bela Krajina as guests of the Big Berry lifestyle resort. That was an amazing experience that we will always remember!

On the way to Slovenia, we made a short stop in Croatia to check the beautiful capital Zagreb.

In the summer we explored the Burgas region along the Black sea.  And after that Teddy visited Romania once again for a long weekend getaway where she managed to lose her phone. Oh well, life happens.

The rest of the year we spent working but we still managed to visit the smallest town in Bulgaria – Melnik, an off the beaten path town along the Danube river Vidin and the gorgeous Rila mountains.

So 9 countries visited in one year is not so bad when you travel part time and work in between, right?

travel slovenia big berry lifestyle resort glamping bela krajina

Goals for 2017:
You know how when the end of every year approaches we make plans and goals for the next? I will be a better person, I’ll start jogging, I will organize my time better, etc… Well, most of the time the enthusiasm for these lasts until the first weeks of January. But we’ve thought we will put some of our blog plans for 2017 here in writing so we have some extra motivation.

– Sianna wants to visit 25 countries before she turns 25 in October 2017. Already been to 17 which means 8 more this year. Ambitious plan!
– A road trip to Croatia, Bosnia, Montenegro and Albania would be a dream!
– Visiting Bruges, Ghent and the Hallerbos in Belgium in spring is a must!
– Going back to Slovenia because we loved it so much.
– Visiting a friend in Amsterdam and exploring this hip location!
– A Scandinavian road trip is probably a long shot but hope dies last, right?
– We would like to tell you more about Poland, the culture and the cities in a series of posts.
– Also, some of the Baltic countries are still waiting to be presented.
– Visiting Georgia before it gets too touristy.
– Finally putting these passports in good use and traveling outside of Europe starting with exotic Morocco.

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Personal highlight:
If you are wondering why we’ve disappeared in the last 2-3 months, it is because this year we have worked really hard into putting one of our dreams in motion. We started a design studio called 05/studio which focuses on underwear, swimwear and minimal design objects. It took a lot of time and dedication and hopefully we will be able to share more about it really soon.
Meanwhile, this was the year that we’ve both graduated from university and ready to put that knowledge into a good use in the real world!

Blogging life
We’ve joined the Bulgarian association of online travel medias ASTOM where we’ve met many cool people and fellow bloggers and took a few great trips together.
We believe that blogging opens a lot of doors for different opportunities, friendships and colaborations.
We are extremely happy that we had the chance to work with some great brands and organizations including Big Berry lifestyle resort, Bucur’s Shelter, Mesto Oblikovanja, Bulgarian Ministry of Tourism, Burgas Municipality.


Can’t wait for 2017 and what it will bring our way! Let’s make it memorable!

Wishing you all many adventures on the roads less traveled, a lot of inspiration and great people to accompany your way!