The Little Things- a Cozy Restaurant in Sofia, Bulgaria


One of the best kept secrets in Sofia – ‘The Little Things’ is nestled in a courtyard in the heart of the city opposite the church of St. Sedmochislenitsi. The restaurant inhabits a house that’s more than 110 years old, which immediately brings the idea of coziness and vintage atmosphere. One of the best restaurants in Sofia, suitable for any occasion and always solving the dilemma where to eat out today. If you’re wondering where to take your loved ones for a special occasion, to celebrate a birthday, to chat with friends or to have a dinner with foreigner friends, you can never go wrong if you head to the cozy house on The Little Things.

(Текстът на български е на втората страница.)


Which are the little things? As stated near the entrance “It’s the little things that make a house a home”. A warm welcome and a friendly staff, flowers on each table, pleasant music in the background! The creative interior brings a cozy rustic atmosphere, the food is served with attention to every detail – all of these might seem like small things at first but it is exactly these small things that make the visit not just a lunch or dinner but an overall experience for the senses.



Let’s start with the interior, not only because it is one of the most important things when evaluating every favorite place, but also because in the case of The Little Things it is particularly charming! You can easily tell that it’s been created with lots of love and attention and with the idea to become a comfortable and modern space with a retro twist. Located on two floors, each room features a different interior and atmosphere. There’s a large table on the first floor, where you can dine in a big company of friends, a cozy sofa perfect for romantic meetings and even a room where your child can draw with pencils on the wall. On the second floor there are a few library shelves creating a feeling that you have just been invited as a guest into someone’s living room. In the warm summer days there are several tables that are waiting for you in the garden, where the local cats from the nearby houses will keep you company.



The menu is a lovely mix of simple traditional dishes presented in a modern way accompanied with some options influenced by international cuisines.

The Little Things is one of the few places in Sofia where you get a bottle of water on the table as a compliment. Unfortunately, this great tradition, well known in nearby Greece, rarely happens here in Bulgaria. Fresh elderflower juice, homemade lemonade or sangria are perfect in the summer while in the autumn you can choose a raspberry wine. For those of you who love a sweet dessert wine, make sure you try the Trastena wines – there is a combination of raspberry and merlot. In the winter a cup of mulled wine always keep us warm. There are, of course, a few good beers as well as delicious cocktails. All of these tested and approved by us!

Now let us recommend everyone’s  favorite from the menu. The ‘Provencal stuffed tomatoes’ were the first dish that we’ve tried, and it remains a favorite to this day. Scrumptious Bulgarian tomatoes stuffed with a cheese and yogurt sauce and served with warm homemade bread with melted butter on top. Don’t blame us if we’ve got you drooling! It turns out that the most simple recipes are the best.

We should also recommend the tarator (a traditional cold yogurt soup), the sautéed potatoes with spices and fried potatoes with bacon and cucumber. Portions are large and generous, same as when you are visiting your grandma, for example. In the menu you can find several kinds of fresh pasta, sandwiches (including tortilla and burger), salads and main dishes.

Of course, no meal is completed without dessert. You will not find a long list of desserts on the menu, but you can ask the waiter for the dessert of the day and let them surprise you with a delicious cake, cheesecake, brownie or mousse. Whatever’s the daily special, you won’t be disappointed.

Besides the main menu, every day you can find a daily menu with delicious creamy soups (like spinach, potato or carrot), salads and main dishes. If you are visiting in a bigger company of friends, we’d recommend to share one of the tapas options, served in jars together with homemade bread that will remind you of your childhood. The appetizers with salmon, cheese or pate are just enough to satisf the hunger of two or three people.

Friday and Saturday evening is nice to make a reservation, because quite often full.