Vegetarian and Vegan Restaurants in Sofia, Bulgaria

vegetarian vegan guide sofia bulgaria

If you are wondering where to eat vegetarian in Sofia we’ve got you covered with some great vegetarian and vegan restaurants.

We’re not gonna lie, it is pretty hard to be a vegetarian or vegan on the Balkans. Our love for yogurt, cheese and meat is evident in every traditional recipe we have. However, there are more and more healthy vegetarian and vegan restaurants in Sofia answering the need of people with dynamic lifestyle and special dietary requirements or restrictions. The list below doesn’t include every single place that caters to vegetarians or offers vegan food but gives you a variety of cafes and restaurants that we have tried and tested. Travelling as a vegetarian or finding vegan food in Sofia is pretty doable with a bit of research and preparation. The restaurants that offer only vegan dishes are marked with a *.

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Tarator at Soul Kitchen

Soul Kitchen *
Soul Kitchen is located in a beautifully restored old house with a gorgeous garden open during the warm months. The interior is cozy yet modern and tastefully organized to create a contemporary eating space. The menu has a variety of options and we would recommend you to try the vegan pizza options – they are delicious! Another interesting addition to the menu is the vegan alternative of the traditional Bulgarian tarator – a cold soup made of yogurt and cucumbers but this time with cashew milk.
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Address: “Kokiche” Str. 13

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Salted Cafe’s pastel interior

Salted Cafe
Its location isn’t the most popular among tourists but it’s definitely worth to make a little detour of the ideal city center and have a healthy breakfast or lunch at Salted Cafe. You can choose between a variety of fresh juices and delicious smoothies or treat yourself with mouthwatering raw or baked cakes. They even offer the  traditional Bulgarian ‘Tarator’, but prepared as a smoothie so if you are feeling a little adventurous, give it try. You can combine it with a sandwich with tofu and avocado or gram meatball and pesto or have bruschettas with spinach and beans. If you have a sweet tooth finish with a raspberry raw cake or order the vegan lemon cheesecake.
Address: “Bratya Miladinovi” Str. 38, 

Sun Moon
Even though the whole menu is delicious, we can’t help but start from our favourite – the red lentils banitsa and the one with tofu and dried tomatoes. For those of you who don’t know what banitsa or borek is – it is a traditional dish for Bulgaria (and around the Balkans) made out of filo dough and filled with eggs and cheese. Everything is delicious here – from the homemade bread (try the one with thyme) to the vegan burger and all the biscuits and raw desserts. There are several locations around the center making it convenient to grab something on the go, have lunch with friends or buy some of their products like flours and seeds.
Address: “William Gladstone” Str. 18B, “September 6” Str.39, “Sandor Petofi” Str.55, “Yuri Venelin” Str. 1

Rawlly // Currently Closed
A raw cake destination where everything is prepared with no preservatives, no sugar or artificial sweeteners. You can choose from cakes, brownies, biscuits and raw bars that you can also find in some of the most popular bio organic stores in the center.
Address: “Biser” Str. 16

Raw to go
The concept is to provide raw and nutritional  juices, smoothies and dishes. You can mix the ingredients that you would like in your smoothie or choose something to eat from their daily specials in the menu. As the name says, it is mainly to go thus the space is really small but you can still sit and enjoy your raw pumpkin soup for example. There’s complimentary tea and the atmosphere is pretty laid back.
Address: “Karnigradska” Str.11

Loving Hut*
A popular vegan food chain, Loving Hut has a small venue here in Sofia offering vegetable quich, pizza, sandwhiches and desserts. Convenient location with a small space inside that is perfect for a breakfast on the go or for a quick healthy lunch.
Address: „Georgi S. Rakovski“ Str. 113

Mix of Figs *
Unpretentious restaurant with a wide variety of vegan dishes – from savory pastries to main dishes and desserts. We love to grab a slice of pizza as there are not many places in Sofia where you can get vegan pizza and this one is reasonably priced and tasty especially if you get it while it is still warm. Zucchini or potato ‘Meatballs’ are always on the menu together with some dips.
Address: “Neofit Rilski” Str. 10


Warm lunch at HleBar

HleBar is a modern bakery, a bread bar (as the name states) or simply your daily go-to place when you want warm bread, a tasty sandwich or a traditional pastry. As for the latest – they offer a variety of banitsa including a vegan version with potatoes and mushrooms. Don’t forget to try the brownie and the salmon sandwhich!
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Address: “Oborishte” Str. 16, “Tsar Shishman” Str. 27



Photo by Radina Gancheva

Hlqb & Soul

Opened recently, this bakery is founded on the simple philosophy that you have to put your heart and soul into every single thing you do in order to get the best results. In this case that is the sourdough – the main ingredient in every bread baked here. You can find the usual healthy eincorn, rye and wheat flour types of bread, but we cannot hide that our hearts are taken by the interesting combinations they make every Saturday – pink bread with beetroot or dessert breads with figs and hazelnuts or our personal favorite with dried plums.
Address: “Porto Lagos” 1

Baker Brothers
Another bakery where you can find homemade sourdough bread created a special care of the process and the products in a modern atmosphere. The new addition recently are croissants which we here are going fast every day!
Address: „Georgi S. Rakovski“ Str. 44

Vanilla Kitchen
Outside of the city center, one can easily miss Vanilla Kitchen, but their hazelnut vegan brownies are to die for (just like all of the other desserts they prepare) and can justify the trip to their bakery. The interior is not particularly impressive, so we would prefer to get it with a delivery that they are offering on their website.
Address:  “Krum Kyulyavkov” Str. 15

Zoya offers a wide selection of clean food products and cosmetics. Here you can find some beauty products produced in Bulgaria or choose the ingredients yourself and make a handmade body scrab for example. If you are already wondering, what does Zoya have to do with a vegetarian guide – they have amazing raw cakes and desserts at their shop at “6-ti Septemvri” Str., that taste as good as they look.
Address: “Aksakov” 22, “Dobrudzha” 12, “Neofit Rilski” 63B

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Vegan ice-cream at Soma Vital Food

Soma Vital Food * // Currently Closed

Soma prides itself with creating vital plant based food that gives you energy for the whole day. The restaurant has a hippie vibe, probably thanks to the mandala center that is next to it. In the summer, they won half of the vegan society in Sofia with an incredible ice-cream which is the sole reason that we have visited it.
Address: “Knyaginya Maria Luiza” Str. 58

Mekitsa & Kafe
Mekitsa is one of the traditional Bulgarian breakfasts bringing sweet memories from our childhood. It is made of fried dough (similar to the langos in Hungary) and topped with jam or cheese (or why not both!).Here you can find all types of toppings including cottage cheese and blueberries or caramelized apples and cinnamon. There’s also a vegan version with wholewheat flour.
Address: “Graf Ignatiev” Str. 28


Photo by Radina Gancheva

Stolova by Roobar *
Roobar is a leader on the market of producing healthy raw bars and their new invention is a healthy food delivery with a special attention to the quality of the food and the products it has been made of. Seasonal menu with an interesting mix of recipes including vegan burgers, calliflower pizza and vegetable quinoa “meatballs”.
Order at

Supa Star
Your destination for a delicious soup when you are craving a warm meal in the cold days! There are two locations in the city center where you can find 5-6 soups every day. In the summer don’t miss every Bulgarian’s favourite tarator or if you are brave enough try the tripe soup when nursing a hangover. Veggetable cream soups are usually our safe bet and they have all been delicious so far!
Address: “Knyaz Aleksandar Dondukov” Blvd.. 17, “Tsar Shishman” Str. 8

The Little Things
The Little Things found its place in this guide mainly because it is one of our favourite spots in the city. While it is not mainly vegetarian, we believe that they have a lot of meatless options including the delicious ‘Provencal stuffed tomatoes’. It was the first dish that we’ve tried, and it remains a favorite to this day – scrumptious Bulgarian tomatoes stuffed with a cheese and yogurt sauce and served with warm homemade bread with melted butter on top.
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Address: “Tsar Shishman” Str. 37

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Homemade dinner at Made in Blue

Made in Blue
The reastaurant is located in a charmingly renovated house that is just as lovely inside as well. They have recently restored the attic into a bohemian spot to have a cozy lunch with friends or a romantic dinner. The creative menu consists of just enough – salads and main courses for meatlovers and vegetarians, always including an interesting ingredient and focusing on unusual products. The desserts, especially the cheesecake is absolutely amazing!
Address: “Yuri Venelin” Str. 6

Super Kupa
Mix and match your favourite ingredients to create the perfect bowl of salad. This salad bar offers also soups and different daily specials.
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Address: “Han Krum” Str. 13

Gelateria Naturale
A vegan friendly ice-cream shop where you can find some creative recipes. All of the ice-creams are prepared from carefully selected clean products and natural ingredients without preservatives and artificial sweeteners. Apart from the sorbets that are usually vegan everywhere, here you can find sorbets with up to 90% fruits and no added sugar. Some of the options are strawberry ice-cream with basil, carob chocolate, pistacchio, or nocciola.
Address: “Tsar Shishman” Str. 12A

There are lots of other vegetarian friendly restaurants in Sofia and we are always available to share tips and give recommendations for places to eat out so if you are a travelling vegetarian visiting Bulgaria, don’t hasitate to drop us a line.