Monkey House – hip coffee shop in Plovdiv, Bulgaria



We are introducing you to one of our favorite spots in our beloved Plovdiv. Monkey House is the perfect place to have a lazy Sunday coffee while enjoying the unique bohemian atmosphere of the Kapana district.It is located in the heart of the city and is full of hip places – from cafes and restaurants to art galleries and local craftsmanship stores. The cozy neighborhood has been the main art and design venue in the city for many years now and still continues to support young emerging artists and designers with its many events like One Design Week in June and the biannual Kapana Fest. It is a must-see when visiting Plovdiv.




Monkey House is a rather new addition to the neighborhood and quickly has become one of the most visited places there. Its relaxed atmosphere adds to the friendly  vibe of the baristas who are always happy to help if you’re wondering what type of coffee you should get. They offer Arabica coffee, which I’m certain the coffee lovers are already familiar with, is the best type of coffee grown commercially renowned for its variety of taste range and fruity density. Their delicious homemade desserts are the ideal companion for your favorite cup of coffee like blueberry cheesecake, coconut cake or cake with dried figs and Turkish delight. You can also order savory dishes like fresh salads, pulled pork sandwiches, wraps, tacos and cold dogs. If you’re in the mood for trying something new you can choose from types of coffees made in a special method like Chemex or cold brewed coffee, perfect for the Summer heat.
For the non-coffee aficionados there are many craft beers – both local and imported, the famous Fritz-Kola, homemade lemonade and of course a variety of cocktails including the hip Aperol Spritz and Bellini.