Food For The Soul – Soul Kitchen, Sofia, Bulgaria

soul kitchen vegan restaurant sofia bulgaria


Soul Kitchen is a vegan oasis in the heart of the city and a paradise for the soul and all the sense. Bulgaria is not the easiest place to be vegetarian or vegan but thankfully there are lots of new places offering plant-based food that make the gastronomical scene much better for non-meat eaters. Soul Kitchen is one of the oldest and my personal favourite! From the exquisite food to the gorgeous interior and all the attention to the details in between – read below to see why it a must visit place whether you are vegetarian or not.

soul kitchen restaurant sofia bulgaria

Not only the restaurant uses carefully selected products, but they also have a special system for purifying the water. The small details like using only Himalayan salt, cold pressed olive oil and a delicate thermal processing of the food to preserve its best qualities make the dishes extra special.

Although the menu in Soul Kitchen is not very long we always have dificulties deciding what to get because everything sounds soo good! And having so many vegan options at one place makes it a happy place! The first part of the menu consists of soups and salads. Five colorful salads await as well as a soup of the day and the signature Bulgarian cold soup ‘tarator’. The last one is usually created with yogurt, cucumbers, dill, and walnuts and is the most refreshing choice in the summer. It is also a dish that vegans miss a lot. In Soul Kitchen it is prepared with cashew milk and to be honest it is a bit too heavy for my taste but still a pretty good alternative. If you are vegetarian and eat yogurt then I strongly suggest trying real ‘tarator’ while in Bulgaria as well.



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A few appetizers and a variety of dips are the logical next step that goes great with the einkorn bread. There’s also a non-gluten bread option. The main dishes including risotto, veggies, noodles, Thai rolls and the delicious spinach pancake that you can see in the photo. The most exciting part, though, is the pizza and pasta section! A good vegetarian or vegan pizza is not so easy to find and here you have a few gourmet options with plant-based mozzarella and yellow cheese. They come in a very generous portion with a good mix of veggies and fresh spices.


vegan vegetarian food sofia bulgaria


soul kitchen restaurant sofia interior design


The desserts are top notch and probably my favourite part! To my surprise, they were also well appreciated by all of our nonvegan friends, some of which tried raw desserts for the first time. There are usually 3 different desserts every day including a cheesecake, chocolate truffles, chocolate cake, pancakes, a signature dessert with chocolate and mascarpone in an ice-cream shape (most of them raw).

A good addition to the dishes is the wine list with both local and international wines as well as the great selection of Bulgarian craft beers.

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soul kitchen restaurant sofia interior

best vegetarian restaurant in sofiasoul kitchen restaurant sofia

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