Eo Stories is our creative outlet collecting the stories of our travels and adventures. Our goal is to inspire our readers to travel more and explore the world. We strive to find great places that are not in most of the guide books, so you can feel like a local – from hipster cafes to alternative neighborhoods and small towns.
The authors behind the blog are Sianna and Teddy – friends, university colleagues and travel buddies. We are design students therefore, you will find a lot of places and events related to art, design and aesthetics. Good food enthusiast, always looking for the best ice-cream in town. We will show you the best culture and food places – from traditional cuisine to must-visit cafes and bakeries.
We travel part time which is a proof that it is possible to combine your day job while going to a few new countries a year. And all that while staying on a budget! Even though this blog is travelling the globe, we are currently based in Sofia, Bulgaria and this will give you the great opportunity to explore more of our country with us.
We love fascinating travel stories and if you want to share your personal one you can do it here and be part of the Eo Stories.

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