26 years old, Sofia, Bulgaria. hopeless romantic. food and wine lover. fashion design student. indecisive. optimistic in general.  huge daydreamer. eager to learn anything. can’t live without music, movies and books. constantly finding something new to “cling” on.  sale junkie. creative. loves design. bigger procrastinator than my fellow there on the left. secretly dreaming of leaving everything and move to some island, open a bar hostel and never come back. impulsive. ha! so chances are someday it could turn out to be true. shower singer. in love with travelling, of course, getting to know new cultures and people. over-explains. which explains why this is so long.


 24 years old, Sofia, Bulgaria. realist. travel obsessed. sarcastic. introvert. fashion designer. art and design lover. a good food enthusiast. procrastinator. creative. tolerant. chocoholic. movies & books addict. dreaming to take a gap year from life. my heart is somewhere in Italy. a bit cynical.  story collector, so tell me a story. in love with cupcakes and everything vintage. loves big cities, meeting people from around the world and exploring new places. tourist on a budget. full-time daydreamer. just give me some rum and put me on an island.