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Montserrat – day trip from Barcelona

Everyone knows all about Barcelona these days but how many of you have heard about Montserrat located just about an hour from the iconic city? The mountain Montserrat is famous for its lovely… Continue reading

2016 Recap: Travelling, Goals and Personal Highlights

Another year has gone by and we are looking back at the adventures we had during 2016. The year was pretty eventful not only in travelling but in personal aspects as well. Take… Continue reading

Urdini Lakes – hiking in Rila Mountains

Chrismas is right around the corner, but we are still working and dreaming of sunny days, spent in the nature. Before you take off to buy some conventional gifts, you may consider giving… Continue reading

Melnik, the Smallest Town in Bulgaria

Located in the picturesque Pirin mountain, Melnik is a magical town that easily transports us back in time. It is most famous as the smallest town in Bulgaria with its only 200 inhabitants… Continue reading

Drvengrad, a wooden city where dreams live

Probably you don’t know that you could go up in the Serbian mountains and visit famous Serbian director Emir Kusturica’s home. Last summer when I was lucky enough to spend 2 whole weeks in… Continue reading

Vidin – A Bulgarian Town Between Three Countries

Vidin’s location in the Northwestern part of Bulgaria sometimes makes it a bit hard to reach and that is probably the only reason why it is not a very popular destination for tourism.… Continue reading

Pancharevo lake in Sofia, Bulgaria

One of the greatest things about Sofia’s location is that that you can easily escape the city in less than half an hour and find yourself in the Vitosha mountain, one of the… Continue reading