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Super Bowl Salad Bar in Sofia, Bulgaria

Wondering where to eat healthy in Sofia while being busy sightseeing? Look no further! We are giving you a great option for lunch on the go, suitable for everyone with a dynamic lifestyle.… Continue reading

Matka Canyon – Skopje, Macedonia

Last summer, as we sat and wondered where to embark next,  Macedonia came as a very impulsive destination. We wondered how on Earth we missed to go there since Skopje it’s only 3-4… Continue reading

Top tips for finding and booking cheap flights in Europe

Planes and Flights series: Top tips for finding and booking cheap flights Recently a lot of people started asking me both offline and online about travel advice and booking cheap flights. Albeit I… Continue reading

What to do in Sofia in the summer?

Sometimes in the summer Sofia is way too empty, a bit too hot and even a little boring. So if most of your friends are by the seaside or travelling around Europe, here’s… Continue reading

How to Find The Best Local Food?

When it comes to food and travelling – we are foodies! Food enthusiasts or whatever you would like to call it. To give you an example – our ‘to do’ list for every… Continue reading

How To Rent A Car In Europe

The transportation system in most parts of Europe is very well developed with trains and buses that can take you pretty much everywhere. We decided to explore another option and see if it… Continue reading

Milan: 10 Free Things to do

Milan – the fashion capital is associated with glamor and rich style. And yes, expensive shops can be found everywhere in the center. And there are places where you can buy a bag… Continue reading

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