A month on Instagram

Hello, dear readers! We have started this blog a little more than a month ago and are very happy for all of you reading and visiting our little creative space. Turns out that… Continue reading

Milan: 10 Free Things to do

Milan – the fashion capital is associated with glamor and rich style. And yes, expensive shops can be found everywhere in the center. And there are places where you can buy a bag… Continue reading

Architectural details in Belgrade

We just love architecture and also to find out and take photos of beautiful windows and doors. Here are some of the best ones we came across during our stay in Belgrade. Обожаваме… Continue reading

Yolostel, Belgrade, Serbia, hostel review

Devoted to always hunt cool hostels around the world, we decided to try one of the many awesome hostels in Belgrade. We got the perfect location in Belgrade! It is in the heart… Continue reading

Bucharest Travelling Tips

There are plenty of interesting things to see and do in Bucharest. It is an interesting mixture between eastern and western capitals. After all, people call it ‘Little Paris’ as a lot of… Continue reading

Elementary, my dear Watson!

I remember reading the Sherlock Holmes’ ”The Hound of the Baskervilles” when I was a kid and being totally fascinated with the characters while trying to guess who the murderer is going to… Continue reading


The first word that I learned in Dublin was sláinte, pronounciated slauncha, which means cheers or good health. I find it also one of the easiest Irish words. If you love beer the Guinness Storehouse… Continue reading

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