On the other side of Europe: Dublin

Of course my first thing to do exploring Dublin was joining the free tour. (We just love free tours!) The Dublin guide was hilarious and well read, the perfect combination if you ask… Continue reading

A Day at Lago di Como, Italy

During my stay in Milan I had a lovely and relaxing Sunday visiting Lago di Como – the third largest lake in Italy and one of the deepest in Europe. There are a… Continue reading

Italian Bistro Pesto in Sofia, Bulgaria

In the winter we feel nostalgic for the nice summer places we use to visit, so we decided to share one of our favourite places of the summer which luckily is still open… Continue reading

Why We Love Free Tours

The free tours became the very initial part of every trip of mine. There are a lot of perks. The biggest is that you will feel a lot more oriented in a city… Continue reading

Tourist vs Local: Vienna

I ‘Tourist vs Local’ rubric aims to present a certain destination with two different perspectives. It’s amazing how different a city can look like through the eyes of a local and someone who… Continue reading

England’s Countryside: Historic Rochester

 If you happen to travel to England, don’t limit yourself to only visiting London. London itself is an amazing city full of interesting things to do, but the English countryside is equally fascinating.… Continue reading

Travel Lessons: What The Hobbit taught us?

‘The Hobbit’ is the perfect adventure book! And you should definitely put it into your reading list. It’s short, it’s fun, and it’s inspiring! You can read it on these long train hours… Continue reading

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