Drvengrad, a wooden city where dreams live

Probably you don’t know that you could go up in the Serbian mountains and visit famous Serbian director Emir Kusturica’s home. Last summer when I was lucky enough to spend 2 whole weeks in… Continue reading

Vidin – A Bulgarian Town Between Three Countries

Vidin’s location in the Northwestern part of Bulgaria sometimes makes it a bit hard to reach and that is probably the only reason why it is not a very popular destination for tourism.… Continue reading

MOKA Bar in Burgas, Bulgaria

A hipster morning routine can’t go without coffee and a green smoothie, right? We were making our way to the Burgas harbor the closest café from our list of cool spots turned out… Continue reading

Pancharevo lake in Sofia, Bulgaria

One of the greatest things about Sofia’s location is that that you can easily escape the city in less than half an hour and find yourself in the Vitosha mountain, one of the… Continue reading

Simbio – all in one hip place in Bucharest

Albeit, I have been to Bucharest before, this time it felt completely different. Don’t you just love that feeling when no matter how many times you’ve been to a certain place it is… Continue reading

Le Petit Salon Boutique, Sozopol, Bulgaria

Wandering the narrow cobbled streets of the old town of Sozopol, you can find some amazing hidden gems! Small local bistro, Ethno shop with traditional Bulgarian costumes or an art salon. Sozopol is… Continue reading

Fritolin pri Cantini: where to eat in Piran, Slovenia

Albeit it was a bit of an adventure to find this place, it was absolutely worth it! Firstly, we ended up in the wrong city – Portoroz, where it turned out that there’s… Continue reading

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