What to do in Sofia in the summer?

Sometimes in the summer Sofia is way too empty, a bit too hot and even a little boring. So if most of your friends are by the seaside or travelling around Europe, here’s… Continue reading

Boyana Waterfall, Sofia, Bulgaria

The Boyana waterfall, one of the most visited attractions in the Vitosha mountain, makes for a great getaway from the busy city and the summer heat. There are two ways for you to… Continue reading

33 Gastronauts, Sofia, Bulgaria

Urban Dictionary says that “gastronaut” is a person who is willing to go to great lengths to find exotic, and often, bizarre, foods to eat; a person with unusual or eccentric tastes. Thankfully,… Continue reading

Day Trip From Sofia: Tsari Mali

A while ago we decided to go to a restored fortress that is just one hour away from Sofia and makes the perfect day trip away from the city. Here’s our photo essay!… Continue reading

How to Find The Best Local Food?

When it comes to food and travelling – we are foodies! Food enthusiasts or whatever you would like to call it. To give you an example – our ‘to do’ list for every… Continue reading

The 7 Deadly Sins of Travelling

The 7 deadly sins of travelling …that can kill your trip No matter where you go – from touring around Europe to exploring the nearest winter resort in your own country, and what… Continue reading

Vrana Park and Palace, Sofia, Bulgaria

“Vrana” park and palace is situated in the outskirts of Sofia and therefore you probably won’t find it in the tourist guides. Actually, we are pretty sure that most tourists that pass through… Continue reading

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